Cilia Mauro
Développement web, bases de données, statistiques
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Cilia Mauro
IBDML - Campus de Luminy - Case 907 - 13288 MARSEILLE Cedex 9 - FRANCE
0033 6 25 90 41 42
French - 33 years old

Web development, DBA

Career summary

Since September 2010 IBDML (Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille-Luminy)
DBA, web development, statistics
Marseille - FRANCE

  • Designing and developing a database management web application about nematodes stems
  • Implementing the microscopy facility website (Nikon Center)
  • Carrying out internal computer applications for situations and work experiences management and photos implementation in IBDML's website directory
  • Creating a RSS feed for IT service
  • Automating data processing for biologists

Since September 2012 Aix-Marseille University
Distance teachings for 2 and 3-years university degrees
Computer sciences
Marseille - FRANCE

  • Web development 1 : website design (XHTML, HTML5), layouts with CSS stylesheets, event-driven programming with JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Web development 2 : PHP language, interfacing for accessing databases, sessions, web applications security (best practices, static program analysis tools), Ajax, MVC software design pattern, mobile web.


2012 BSc in biology, computer sciences, mathematics Aix-Marseille University
2010 BSc in computer sciences, statistics processing of databases Aix-Marseille University
Languages French : mother tongue, german : bilingual, english : moderate, spanish : basic

Computer science

Web programming PHP object (spreadsheets documents generation, accessing databases with PDO, sessions, web security, charts generation, regular expressions), JavaScript (ECMAScript, DOM, charting library), XML, XSLT, (X)HTML, CSS3, Ajax, CURL, webservices, RSS
Databases SQL - DBMS MySQL, Oracle, Access
Operating environment Eclipse, MySQLWorkbench, DBdesigner, Dia, Firebug
Operating systems Mac OS, Windows, Linux
Photo manipulation Gimp, photoshop
Documentation Doxygen

Statistical tools and methods

Statistical packages R, SAS
Methods Data analysis (PCA, CA, MCA, data mining), exploratory analysis (surveys, tests)


Voluntary work